What do you love about your mother?

Sep 26, 2023

Anyone else miss their Mama all the time?

Come back!!!
It’s so funny cause I’m super hard on my Mom when she’s around, but I never want her to leave. And she always comes back. Unconditional love.
She  embodies unconditional love like no other.
If you have ever met my Mom, there is no explanation necessary. She’s the unicorn everyone needs in their life. Thankfully she is a teacher and has touched thousands of lives.
The ripple effect endless.
My perfectionist tendencies are highlighted when she is near me as much as I try to rid myself of them.
My only child syndrome is my default and I call her each time my emotions fluctuate. I’m getting better. Something my three girls may never understand!
I can never fully express how grateful I am for my mother and how blessed my three girls are to know her so well.
What do you love about your mother?