Jun 02, 2023



Don’t let these photos fool you.
Traveling with any amount of littles is stressful which is why I updated my Traveling with Littles Tips.
 Don’t even mention that Cata did not even have a ticket 24 hours before the flight and executive decisions had to be made. 
1. It is never about the destination. Always about the journey. I’ve found this to be deeply true. If we can enjoy the journey, the destination becomes wherever we are at all times. The destination never lasts forever, yet the journey is infinitely present. If we can imagine this, we can create it.
2. In the blink of an eye, emotions will fly. Notice how the face of the tiniest changes drastically from photo one to photo two. If we can accept this, chaos feels so much lighter. This is normal and expected. This is normal and expected. Repeat after me next time your toddler flings themselves on the ground, the other passenger gives you a look, or your preteen rolls their eyes. “This is normal and expected.”
3. Forgiveness & self-compassion are key. We may do things or say things we are not proud of while our littles are jumping out of their seats, touching the airport bathroom floors, and creating waterfalls of French fries and applesauce. The same goes for our spouse. As the parents, we sometimes forget we are on the same team and experience fits of emotions while exchanging uncalculated words. This is normal. Accept it. Give yourself what you need in the moment. Forgive everyone. Move forward.
4. GIVE EVERYONE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! We never know what may have happened to them earlier that day or week. We do not know the hardships they carry nor the emotions they feel. If you can’t do this, come talk to me.

5. Carry bags of skittles to hand out to all who help you along the way.  The airline staff will love you. Friendships will be made.