The MAZE of Hochatown

Dec 31, 2022

Lost in a maze for 90 minutes is not this baby’s idea of fun!
I would say Baby Isla enjoyed the first hour and then she was done.
She wanted to climb all the stairs, cross all the bridges, and stomp through all the puddles on her own.

If she got her way, we might still be wandering around that maze now, a day later…exhausted and starving!
Sometimes finding your own way through the maze of life, marriage, raising children, and perhaps even entrepreneurship is exhausting too.

It just is.

Some of us read books and listen to podcasts to guide us to where we want to go and some of us find mentors and coaches to speed things up even more. To help us create our own clear vision of what we are looking for in life. To create clarity and fulfillment.

Whether that be to figure out how to enjoy the maze more along the way or rearrange the walls and climb out.
Regardless of where it is you want to go, a coach can help you get there faster.
Whoever told you getting married and having children would be easy?

Who told you the romance and intimacy you had before kids is supposed to just stay the same after kids?
If you aren’t actively working on your relationship, it’s probably falling apart.
We spend time on what matters to us and we sometimes we get lost in the chaos and exhaustion thinking it’s not normal when it is.

Find more calm in the chaos and more enjoyment in the exhaustion with evidenced based techniques that work.