Jan 02, 2023

Nobody slides into 2023 quite like my hubby (whom I adore).
As the front wheels spin beneath us, three muscley men on the front porch ahead of us spring into action.
Victor jumps out of our family-friendly minivan to assess the scene as I answer questions from the littles as to why we have stopped.

5 minutes earlier…

We are leaving Broken Bow, Oklahoma at 1015am on January 1st, 2023…exactly 15 minutes after checkout time.
We start cruising on the two lane, paved highway when one of the little’s car seats seems a bit too wobbly.
As we pull off onto an extremely bumpy dirt road of what appears to be a new development of luxury cabins, the only other signs of life are empty beer and soda cans from workers who took the day off.

We reach a DEAD-END
and suddenly SLIDE into a ditch!

Fast forward 5 minutes….

One of the three muscly men asks me to roll down my window. I hold Penelope’s muzzle on my lap to prevent her from attacking as he laughs, “I’m sure you couldn’t be more proud!” pointing to the car and glancing at my hubby rearranging rocks near the front tires.

I smile as I’m simply grateful for these eager helping hands.
One of the other men is already attaching a strap to the back of our van and the third man is approaching in his King Ranch Monster Truck.

“These guys love this $?*+” Victor smiles relieved as they lurch us from the ditch.

Yes. I can assuredly tell you that The Mangonas literally SLID into 2023.
I only wish I had video to prove it!
And I am always proud of my hubby!

This is certainly not the first time he has rescued our minivan and family from what the previous years have given us!
We welcome 2023 with open arms!
I am so grateful for humanity, good people, family, MY HUBBY, and monster trucks!