It’s never too late to decide.

Jan 23, 2023

How to Make Your Birthday Wish Come True in 3 simple steps:

For my 38th birthday, I wanted a healthy family dressed in love, pink, and smiles.
I waited for no one to give me permission.
I  booked a shoot with a friendly neighborhood photographer 3 days ago.
I text notified my hubby of our plans while we were both at work and he gave me a thumbs up 
I didn’t check the weather. We can dress appropriately for anything.
I scheduled hair and makeup for the afternoon and bought up all the flowers, Valentine snacks, and sandwiches at Trader Joe’s.
I began sparking the excitement in my three littles by disguising the shoot as a family picnic in the park with lots of yummy and cuddly surprises.
Who doesn’t love yummy and cuddly surprises?
The catch: the littles must wear the outfits I pick out for them in order to earn the surprises.
Who here has a birthday coming up (EVERYONE) and how will you make your birthday wish come true?
1. Decide what it is you want.
2. Ask no one for permission.
3. Create your vision into your reality with the tools within and around you.
It’s never too late to decide.
I will add that we are super blessed to have a healthy family which is rarely the case in January. There are definitely things in and out of our control when it comes to health. We must take this one day and one treatment plan at a time.
If you need help deciding what it is you want in your life and creating the relationships and marriage you are proud of, let me know. I can help.
📸 Marissa Mullens