I keep going.

Sep 06, 2023

So apparently I make it look easy.

I have been asked by several mothers, physicians, and friends how I do it.
Do what???
Make  mothering and doctoring look easy?
Here's the answer.

The SECRET divulged.

It's not easy, I never pretend it is, and I keep going.
I mess up A LOT.
And then I keep going.
That's it. Period.
I mess up a hella lot.
For instance, take today for example.
It’s my half admin day, so I take the kids to school, attend the parents club gathering, and jet off to an in person meeting where I left one of the necessary documents at home in another bag.
I keep going.
Next I pick two kids up from half day school, and jet back home to meet our nanny, so she can relieve me for a work teams meeting and coaching zoom call only to realize the teams work meeting had been scheduled an hour earlier than I thought.
I keep going.
I then finish up loose ends on some work projects before running out the door again to make a work out class only to get a text from my nanny that she can’t find the minivan keys.
I keep going.
I then cancel my work out class as I'm driving away ($15 penalty but who’s counting…it’s more about my missed glutes and thighs session and 40 minutes of back and forth traffic) as I speed (not really) back home to deliver the keys to our nanny so she can take my two youngest to swim lessons an hour late.
The entire universe feels a bit thrown off.
I keep going.
Here I sit back in my office finding my focus again.
One more zoom collaboration session.
One more work teams meeting.
One more work social outing.
Total FOMO watching coach friends on social arrive in Dallas from all over the world for a coaching event I cannot attend.
One more client to coach at 9 p.m.
And then off to bed.
I just keep going.
Giving myself grace.
Reminding myself to give everyone else grace.
How do you make it look easy?
I assure you, from the outside, you make it look easy too.

I would genuinely love to know.