Day Date!

Jan 29, 2023

I love watching Victor snorkel in his full body wet suit.

I can tell by the side smiles that everyone else does too.
 Anyone else on a Sunday day date?
We are on a physician’s coaching retreat with 66 other physicians and 10 spouses.
All because of @sunnysmithmd
She believed she could, so she did.
She believed all physicians deserved to take care of themselves just as much as they take care of their patients.
She believed we must invest in our minds as much as we invest in our medical school education, CME, & our physical health.
Sunny has created a movement that is too powerful and world changing not to join.
The mind wealth amongst the attendees is astounding.
The next 6 days is going to save more lives than any one of us could imagine.
This is how change is created.
The health care system may be broken, but it will not break us.
You took an oath to do no harm, and it must always begin with you.
Without you, your patients would still be sick.
No one can replace you.
Invest in yourself and the world around you will follow.
Ever wonder how to be happier, less angry, or attract people who suck less energy out of you?
This is how you do it.
You can start at home.
Love yourself first.
Learn self-compassion for yourself.
Then go love on your spouse.
Hope this gives you the inspiration you need to go cook up some spice in your house tonight!
If it doesn’t…
If you are still feeling stuck…
In your marriage…
Or in your life…reach out.
I have the tools to help you.
It can be easy.
It can feel so much better.
So much love to you sweet friends.